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Nicole Arbour & Tom Rand on why sustainability skills are anything but niche

Dr. Nicole Arbour is the Executive Director of the Belmont Forum, an international partnership that mobilises funding of environmental change research and accelerates its delivery to remove critical barriers to sustainability. She has spent the bulk of her career at the international science interface, building and developing relationships and collaborations.

A woman smiles at the camera. Her brown hair is tied back and she wears a grey, high-necked top.
"The way you grow and push yourself to excel is to think about how you can take that one step further and be a little uncomfortable."

Tom Rand's focus is on carbon mitigation as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author and speaker. He is Managing Partner of ArcTern Ventures and sits on the board of a number of clean energy companies and organisations. He also developed Planet Traveler, a low-carbon hotel project in downtown Toronto. His books include The Case For Climate Capitalism: Economic Solutions For A Planet In Crises.

A man smiles slightly at the camera. He has medium length grey hair and wears a light grey pinstriped suit with a pale blue shirt, open at the neck.
"Sustainability isn't a sector: it's a way of doing business."

In conversation with How to Change the World's Co-founder and CEO, Jason Blackstock, at a Careers Night for students and early career professionals, Tom and Nicole reflected on the importance of building strong networks, why young people should feel confident to share their ideas at work, and why we all need to adopt a more interdisciplinary approach to developing sustainability skills.

Check out Tom and Nicole's insights below.


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to build a career with positive impact?


How do early career professionals make a difference in corporate environments that might be stuck in their ways?


What are your top pieces of advice for integrating sustainability into your career?


What changes would you like to see companies make in their approach to sustainability skills?


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