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Our Ethos

Changing the world is a team sport!

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every person is empowered and supported to create positive, sustainable impact throughout their careers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, enable and support careers with sustainable impact through exceptional educational experiences,
lifelong learning and community building.

Our Values


Accepting that we don't have all the answers; embracing continuous learning; and always staying open to new perspectives and insights.


Striving to always do the best we can while engaging and delivering with a mindset of high quality, excellent work. 


The shared goal of making a positive contribution while being willing to push boundaries with new and innovative ideas. 

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Recognising perspectives, insights and ideas from the broadest possible range of people, and collaborating to find everyone's strength within the team and community.


Everything we do is in service to society and the planet. We strive to continuously improve how we engage with and what we deliver for all of our stakeholders. 


We believe that changing the world is a team sport! Teamwork is an essential component to being able to have a positive impact.

Our Origins

Prof Jason Blackstock, our founder & CEO, first developed How to Change the World in 2014 as the capstone course for all accredited engineering, computer science and management degrees at University College London (UCL). Today, over 1000 students take the course every year at UCL. Simultaneously, Prof Blackstock developed the first educator training to support and provide professional development for the ~100 educators involved in delivering the course each year at UCL.


Based on the tremendous success of the course at UCL, requests started coming from diverse audiences outside UCL for versions of our student and educator programs. By 2019, the number of requests reached a tipping point, and so we spun the How to Change the World social enterprise out from UCL to try to keep up the growing interest from around the world.


In 2020, Prof Blackstock led the evolution of our unique ‘at scale’ experiential learning pedagogies into the fully-virtual environment, providing us the ability to engage much larger audiences globally. Today, this enables us to bring diverse students, educators, experts and community stakeholders from around the globe together in every How to Change the World program!

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