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Partnership & Pricing details for higher ed institutions

We offer three different levels of partnership. • Our most common partnership level is the "Changemaker," which is designed to provide maximum value for students, educators and leaders at our partner institutions. • All partnerships are generally aligned with the academic year, and we always offer multiple scheduling options for all our experiences. • Our typical partnership is at the faculty/school level, and we increasingly have partnerships with more than one faculty/school at the same institution. • For smaller institutions we do partner at the university/college (or equivalent) level in line with our mission of ensuring broad accessibility.

(1) Please note that partners who elect to have their students join an iteration of our credit-bearing course will have a small additional charge per student (approximately USD $100/per student, adjusted to local currencies and contexts). This covers the additional costs of running our ~120 learning hour credit-bearing course (compared with our ~40 learning hour extracurricular Bootcamp).

(2) When available, scholarship seats are provided at no charge to our partner institutions, up to the limit noted for each partnership level. As scholarship seats become confirmed and available, they are allocated equitably across our partners based on filling each partner to the same % of their potential scholarship seats.

(3) These scholarship seats are generally provided by corporate and industry partners, with occasional contributions from government programs or individuals. (NOTE: Special accommodations are possible when a higher education partner collaborates with us to build supportive corporate or industry partnerships.)

(4) Each Experiential Educator Fellowship is valued at $1995 (though we presently do not offer Fellowship spots outside of our partnership framework).

(5) Participation in the Global Leadership Network is limited to Deans or Provosts/Presidents (and equivalents) from higher education, and C-Suite (and equivalents) from private and public sector organisations. Sending of delegates is only occasionally accepted.

How our higher ed partners typically cover the cost:


Our higher education partners share a commitment to investing in their leaders, educators and students. Because value is created for all three communities, the budget that each partner allocates to cover the cost depends on their context. For example, amongst our current partners there are examples of the partnerships costs being covered from the following budgets (and sometimes from more than one):

  1. Budget allocated to cover extracurricular student experiences.

  2. Budget allocated to provide sustainability and/or entrepreneurship student experiences.

  3. Budget allocated for professional development and training of faculty, staff and/or graduate students.

  4. Budget allocated to advance participation and engagement in global networks and/or conferences.

Some parters leverage specific donor or sponsorship funds dedicated to supporting experiential learning, sustainability  and/or entrepreneurship initiatives at the institution. Partners who actively seek new donor or sponsorship generally seek multi-year funding to support the partnership across several years.

Our team is always at your disposal to discuss any of these options.

Some of our current and recent higher ed partners:

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