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Livia Kalossaka on mentorship and microlearning

Livia Kalossaka is an EU Young Energy Champion, Climate Lead at Creative Destruction Lab and Vice President at YES-Europe, whose mission is to accelerate the energy transition by connecting, empowering and giving a platform for young people passionate about energy and sustainability across Europe. She holds a PhD in 3-D printing and biomaterials from Imperial College London.

A woman smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black polo neck jumper and has brown curly hair tied on top of her head.
Livia Kalossaka

In conversation with How to Change the World's Co-founder and COO, Alana Heath, Livia shared her thoughts on why young professionals need to make their voices heard, why mentorship is so important and how microlearning can be used to upskill the next generation around sustainability.

Check out some of Livia's insights below or scroll to the bottom to watch the full interview.


How do we prepare the next generation to fill the sustainability skills gap?


What changes would you like to see companies make in their approach to sustainability skills?


What advice do you have for people trying to build a career with positive impact?


What do you wish more young people knew about sustainability?


What trends are you seeing in education and industry around sustainability skills?


The full interview with Livia Kalossaka


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