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Schedule of Programs

2024-25 Academic Year

Please scroll down to view the upcoming schedule of Student Bootcamps and Experiential Educator Trainings. Scheduling details for our Global Leadership and Global Curriculum events are shared directly with the participating higher education leaders.

Every experience we deliver is scheduled to enable borderless collaboration across as wide a range of timezones as possible. For example, during our Student Bootcamps each student will work in a small (3-5 person) team from across diverse institutions and countries, adding invaluable global virtual mobility to their experience.

Experiential Student Bootcamps

In this table below you can see the timezones that each of our three-day Student Bootcamps are scheduled to be accessible for:

Schedule Table (2024-05-01).jpg

Please note:

  1. We have found a growing number of students asking to take part in Bootcamps well outside the timezone they are living and studying in. Their explanation is that they want to develop relationships in distant regions that they plan on traveling to!

  2. Bootcamp dates are subject to change based on feedback from higher education partners.

  3. We only run programs where thereis a critical mass of participants to ensure the best educational experience for everyone.

Experiential Educator Trainings

The live interactive workshops for the Experiential Educator Training will be held in:

September 2024
January 2025
May 2025

Exact dates and times (covering all relevant time zones) will be announced in June 2024.

Some of our current and recent higher ed partners:

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