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Wanda Costen shares her advice for developing an impactful career

Dr. Wanda Costen is the Dean of Smith School of Business at Queens University, Canada. Known for being a champion of inclusiveness in business, Wanda believes passionately that businesses can drive positive social impact.

In Wanda's own words, “we must prepare students to be leaders who understand their role in society regardless of the sector: business, government, entrepreneurship or not-for-profit.”

A woman smiles at the camera. She is wearing a cream suit.
Dr. Wanda Costen

In a recent conversation with How to Change the World's founder and CEO, Jason Blackstock, Wanda shared why more companies are shifting towards a purpose-led approach, the first steps for building a career with positive impact and her advice for anyone stepping into a leadership role.

Check out Wanda's incredible insights below or scroll to the bottom to watch the full interview.


How are you seeing companies shift their approach to hiring talent?


What's the first step to building a career with positive impact?


How are you adapting curriculum to better prepare students for today's world?


What is your advice for anyone looking to step into a leadership role?


The full interview with Wanda Costen


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