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Kevin dela Cruz on the power of interdisciplinary learning

Updated: Mar 13

As Co-Founder and Lead Consultant of Strago Solutions Consulting, Kevin dela Cruz supports companies, non-profits and government programs to embed sustainability across their operations. Based in Manila, Philippines, Kevin's work is informed by his holistic experience across nonprofits, government and education and his deep expertise in diverse topics including program development, change management and policy research.

Alongside his day job, Kevin teaches students about social entrepreneurship and globalisation, and has worked with How to Change the World since 2021 as a mentor and judge in a number of our programs.

Kevin, a Filipino man, stands in front of a lush green background with yallow and purpose flowers. He wears a blue puffer jacket and jeans and is smiling.

"Impact is serious business... Be aware of how everything you do, even in your workplace, affects the rest of the world and especially specific communities."

In conversation with How to Change the World's Head of Communications, Florence Robson, Kevin shared why early career professionals should start small but think big, the importance of interdisciplinary learning, what he gets out of being a mentor for How to Change the World and why impact is serious business.

Check out Kevin's insights below.


How would you sum up How to Change the World's programs?


Why is mentorship so valuable for both mentor and mentee?


How do early career professionals make a difference in corporate environments that might be stuck in their ways?


Why do you think How to Change the World's programs are valuable for students today?


What do you get out of your mentoring experience with How to Change the World?


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to build a career with positive impact?


Check out the full interview with Kevin below.


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