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Get to know How to Change the World's Founders

Both Jason Blackstock and Alana Heath believe passionately that students and early-career professionals need and deserve the right support to develop their impactful careers at speed. This belief comes from personal experience: the founders of How to Change the World each followed their own winding paths to get to where they are today, learning through hands-on experience how real change is made.

Impact has been Alana's guiding north star since she was seventeen. Her career has seen her go from the world of ballet to microfinance and impact investing, working across the US, Europe and Africa before joining How to Change the World as Co-founder.

Jason started his career as a quantum physicist and technologist in Silicon Valley. His passion for building bridges between technology and people took him to University College London, where he designed and launched the original How to Change the World course.

Check out the video below to learn more about Alana and Jason's stories and how their professional and personal experiences inspired How to Change the World's mission.

Want to join Alana and Jason on their journey to power the impactful careers of tens of thousands of students and professionals around the world through How to Change the World? Then please follow us on LinkedIn and explore the many opportunities to engage — whether you're in higher education, the corporate or industrial world, or a student or professional looking for your next learning opportunity.


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