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Avoid these traps to build a successful sustainability-focused career

Updated: Jun 24

Marc Castellón Durán's diverse set of experiences has helped him avoid the pitfalls of climate-focused work and initiate positive change in his community. As a sustainability researcher, consultant and advocate for rural environmental justice, Marc has a breadth of knowledge that has transferred into his role as a supportive community representative for the How to Change the World program participants.

"The hardest things to face while working in the climate space are lies and ego."

Marc holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Warwick (UK) and an MSc in International Sustainability Management from ESCP Business School (France). He has worked with several enterprises, NGOs and foundations on topics of environmental justice and social equity, and has co-authored academic papers, practitioner articles, and scholarly reports on the private sector’s ESG practices. Through his current role as a research assistant in Esade Business School (Spain), Marc is delving into the world of climate-smart coffee. He is an incoming dual major Forestry and Public Policy PhD student at Oregon State University (USA) and will spend his first year as a Provost's Distinguished Graduate Fellow.

In conversation with How to Change the World's Head of Communications, Florence Robson, Marc explains some of the challenges that persist with working in climate-focused industries (including greenwashing) and encourages students and early career professionals to remain critical, develop a breadth of knowledge and prioritise mental health when tension rises. Best of all, Marc found that How to Change the World's program and structure ensures students practice just that!

Check out Marc's insights below.


What advice would you offer to students and early career professionals who want to be at the forefront of sustainable change?


How is the corporate landscape changing and what can companies do to remain profitable amongst a climate crisis?


What are some of the biggest challenges you have experienced while working in a sustainability-focused career?


Watch the full interview below:


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