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Anastasia Kiku on why social and financial impact can go hand-in-hand

Anastasia Kiku is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of, a container sharing platform for zero waste takeout. Along with her Co-Founder Jason Hawkins, Anastasia was selected for Forbes 30 Under 30 2024 in the Social Impact category. She also happens to be an alumna of How to Change the World's programs.

Anastasia Kiku, a white woman with dark hair, smiles with a closed mouth at the camera. She wears a necklace and a striped top. The image is in black and white.

"Be authentic. There's no right or wrong way to lead; there's only your way to lead."

Anastasia founded Reusables in 2020 with her business partner Jason Hawkins. The company helps replace single-use plastic containers in restaurants and cafes with steel ones. Since its launch, Reusables has prevented over five tons of waste and over 20 tons of CO2 emissions and empowered more than 5,000 people to reuse 150,000 takeout containers.

In conversation with How to Change the World's Head of Communications, Florence Robson, Anastasia shared how the Reusables journey started, the theory of change she wishes more companies would apply and how she has developed her leadership style, as well as how the skills she learned at a How to Change the World Bootcamp have helped her in the world of social entrepreneurship.

Check out Anastasia's insights below.


What changes would you like to see companies make in their approach to sustainability?


How are you using the skills you learned at the How to Change the World Bootcamp in your working life?


What advice would you give anyone wanting to build a career with positive impact?


How have you developed your leadership skills?


What do you wish more people knew about social entrepreneurship?


Check out the full interview with Anastasia below.


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